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Extremely primitive

Indeed, women are extremely primitive. We can hear the sounds of sinister men from miles away, carried in on a line that our greatest grandmothers tatted lifetimes ago, tied to their wrists and whispered, “I won’t let them find you.” Our wombs are lined with watchful gargoyles that release poison when enemies approach. We have evolved armor over centuries, callouses that keep us ready to battle against soft men with lotion-soaked hands. You have never seen fight or flight like this because our first target is your eyes, little man,… Read more Extremely primitive

Shake it off

Dance like no one is watching laugh like you have hope for something throw shade like a giant umbrella roll your eyes at the sad internet fellas who have nothing better to do but to Footloose police your youth on the day your begin your work to dismantle their patriarchal perks. Conservatives Have Exposed AOC’s Incredibly Wholesome Past — Jan. 3, 2019 Just hours after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was sworn in as congresswoman, a random Twitter user came forward with a little thing from the politician’s past that they believed to be incriminating,… Read more Shake it off