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We beat the cucks and we’re off to ruin Mars

After the last school is closed and parents teach whatever history they can remember to their kids in fallout closets while they work until they die of work-related maladies and the pools are militarized zones and the libraries have fallen after newspapers have stopped existing because no one could agree on what is black and white and once a white man has won the final internet fight and yes the wall is there you can see it from every city shining like the endless summer that beats down on a… Read more We beat the cucks and we’re off to ruin Mars


Nothing is civil in this virulent age. That is the old way, a lost trade, the hard work of pulling a punch, the stiffness served during an unearned lunch. Today is now, today is rage against a machine that was telling us lies when we were babies, listening for a sign. The sign was marked, the mark was hope, it was buried deep in a lie. Somewhere is a signal it will lead us to peace, but the distance is war, and we know it, it was sewn into our… Read more Civility

“separate the two worlds”

A name that meant future, the not here, not now version, but her, up ahead. A vision. She is the reason I keep alive. She is singing, glowing inside, the only owner of her soul. I admire, aspire, I send notes. I buy wings like hers, I attempt flight, but I fall. In the fall I lose sight, the future is fog. I drink to remember. I drink to remember. The future was false. I drink to forget. The future was false. I changed the name. I drink to forget.… Read more “separate the two worlds”