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In this fraught time might we pause and consider what our eventual selves will think of this absurd era when the powerful had everything they could ever need and yet hated to not get more? This is what they want: your home, or at least every window of it to be open, to prove at every moment that you are praying to the One True God. Let them hear you roar your everlasting song of praise to the rich and famous who have urged you to cleave from your soft,… Read more ITMFA

The planet’s on fucking fire

Tired of reasoning with people who refuse to hear we dragged them kicking from their lazy boys to dead zones in the sea showed them the swollen bodies of half-plastic whales sent them flying into state-sized hurricanes let them feel a warm flood on their shins in their own homes slogged to the urban forest to witness diseased trees withering bees a trip to the beach to watch the chemical tide roll over their grandchildren’s feet still they wouldn’t listen not even to the sizzle of such precious flesh we… Read more The planet’s on fucking fire